The location

With its typical Rhineland charm, luxurious elegance, combination of historic, old town scenery and bold contemporary architecture, Dusseldorf is a fascinating metropolis which stands out from other major cities in Germany; its multi-facetted nature is unique.

The city’s economic strength is a major contributor to the expansion of its population. The City Council has forecasted a population growth of at least 17,300, or 3% over the next 14 years. Dusseldorf remains one of the most attractive residential locations in Germany and has the highest gross domestic product (GDP) per capita in Germany, at € 88,017. Future demand for housing depends not only on the size of the population, but also on the development of the number of households. The rise in the number of households is due to the steady influx of young people into Dusseldorf and to the increasing number of single-person households.